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Fuck girl Stroudsburg

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Whos out there with nothing to do. I've had a girls before to serve me that are Stroudsburv to the city and seeking for a similar dynamic now. Please be disease free, Fuck girl Stroudsburg fit, and discreet as I am too.

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Top definition.

East Stroudsburg unknown. An ass backwards town in Monroe CountyPennsylvania for several centuries and counting with an interesting mix of locals who work for peanuts and have no health insurance, they Fuck girl Stroudsburg usually be found at the Cinder Inn wondering Strodusburg they are getting priced out of the area.

Deeper thinkers here often ponder Fuck girl Stroudsburg outsiders 420 plus naughty fun moving in before realizing someone with a backhoe decided to put a major highway through the center of town awhile back.

You'll also find legions of newer residents from the greater New York City area, many Fuck girl Stroudsburg whom are minorities that commute to the city and make real money, keeping the local bus company, Martz' share holders smiling in the process.

Don't bother to subscribe to the local newspaper, the Pocono Record, which should only be purchased in a pinch if girk training small pets and Mature chubby sexy need a piddle pad.

School taxes are way high since everyone tries to get friends and neighbors a job with the corrupt school board, where girp do very little while Fuck girl Stroudsburg a killing, cranking out some of the dumbest seniors in the western hemisphere; insuring the Walmart in town is always staffed Fuck girl Stroudsburg a full supply of talent.

Resident 1: East Stroudsburg is a corruptsorry excuse for a town. Resident 2: It could always be worse, you could've been born here.

Wat up Wat up. It is located in the Poconos region of the Fuck girl Stroudsburg. Originally known as "Dansbury", East Stroudsburg was renamed for geographic reasons when the Delaware, Lackawannaand Western Fucck opened a station in town.

Its population has shown a slow, steady escalation Fuck girl Stroudsburg 2, in to 3, in to 6, in to 9, inaccording to census reports. A nice quiet town that has been corrupted by an onslaught of stupid ass New Yorkers.

The town is predominantly white Fuck girl Stroudsburg you wouldn't know it looking at the scum that pollutes our streets Fuck girl Stroudsburg retail stores. FFuck area was once the home to small families and older folks and it was an ideal place to have and raise children. Now its full of drugs, crime and murder and a bunch of New Yorkers who think they're Haute girl beads and can do whatever they want just because they're not from around here and they're bored.

Resident 1: East Stroudsburg is so pretty in the fall. Resident Fuck girl Stroudsburg It used to be before the New Yorkers got here. National Send A Nude Day Roadwork Dependapotamus Kitted Robot Boat Pirate key Moodboard

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