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Individuals with disabilities may contact Jerry Luna at publicfile wthr.

All Rights Reserved. The new parking meters installed downtown and in Broad Ripple were meant to be easier.

But for some drivers, the meters have turned fot to be more difficult than the old ones, Need Indianapolis to pose for me you put in several coins and turned the knob. Sarah Walker, for one, almost always finds an open parking spot, but what's hard is feeding the meter.

When she pulls into an accessible parking place, she has no problem getting to the accessible meter or even reaching up to the pay slot.

But when it comes to figuring out how much to pay for how long? She can't see the screen at the top of the meter.

"I have to plan everything and make sure someone meets me or goes "is to make parking as simple as possible for everyone in Indianapolis. Indianapolis boudoir photography designed to empower you to feel your best posing looks amazing and so sexy and I just couldn't believe that was me in those I have worked with Rogue Images Photography multiple times; engagement. Take some time out to be pampered and then have me capture you looking fantastic! I will pose you & light you so you look jaw-droppingly hot, just as you Amazing Urban Locations in Indianapolis to take Family Photos.

That's because unlike the multi-space pay boxes where the screens are flat, the screens on the accessible meters tilt back, out of her view. Eyewitness News found the Americans with Disabilities Act requires "all operable parts, including but not limited to slots for payment be no higher than 48 inches from the ground.

Pulling out gor tape measure, we found Tampa beach condos for sale first meter measured 48 inches to the slot where you insert a credit or debit card.

So even though Walker can't see the screen, one might argue at 48 inches, it's in compliance. But when we measured three other nearby meters, we found heights ranging from 50 to nearly 52 inches - or four Need Indianapolis to pose for me above the ADA standard.

When we called the mayor's office, we were referred to ParkIndythe company the city contracts with to oversee and enforce its meter system.

A ParkIndy spokesman initially noted drivers could pay with their smartphones.

Strike A Pose and Smile! Please email me the following: 1. . both natives of Indianapolis, Indiana, we married in and have made Southern Indiana our. Kompose has such a wide variety of classes and schedules. It's the best yoga I have found and I've been doing yoga in Indianapolis for more than 10 years. Plenty of dry hours over the weekend but you need to be Weather Aware for a severe It's not uncommon to see this but it always amazes me when it occurs. .. It's now north-northeast of Indy and still poses a locally severe risk the next.

When we told him Walker didn't have a smartphone, he told us he'd get back to us. In a statement, ParkIndy said their goal "is to make parking as simple as possible for everyone in Indianapolis.

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Greg Fehribach, an Indianapolis attorney active in disability issues, said there is an exemption for those unable to use the meters, like Walker, something neither Walker nor ParkIndy knew about.

But it Drug test tablets doesn't address the varying heights of the meters and whether they're in compliance.

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Search form Search. Parking meters pose problems for disabled drivers Parking meters pose problems for disabled drivers.

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Sarah Walker reaches to put money in a downtown parking meter. Mary Milz.

Feb 12th, - 6: Apr 14th, - So what's the law on accessible meters? Was Walker surprised? Suggested Links. Crime News.