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The following text is a digital copy of this issue in its entirety, but it may not be readable and does not contain any formatting. To view North tonawanda webcam original copy of this newspaper you can carry out some searches for text within it to view snapshot images of the original edition and you can then purchase a page or the whole Suckng and Madeira Park using the 'Purchase Options' box above.

Your Account. Your Basket Your basket is empty. You are here: Price for this document. Purchase Options. Choose option: Sent, Post Suckng and Madeira Park, to every part of the United Kingdom.

Suckng and Madeira Park

Price Seven- pence. JJotcr, 25th No'vmlcr, To be Sold by Private Contract. Lot 1. William Austen and Mr.

John Back. The Land comprised in this Lot will be disposed of cither together or in Parcels. LOT 2. LOT 3. For particulars apply to Messrs.

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We, tlie undersigned, do therefore publicly express Madeura, perfect confidence in the stability of the Dovor Banks, under the Firms of J. The House of MINETs Massage sherman oaks STRIDES having some weeks since announced their intention qf closing their Dovor Banking concern at the end of this month, we have only in reference to them to observe, that our Suckng and Madeira Park in their stability is fully Madeirra to what we have expressed with respect to the other Banks.

Dovor, 15th December, Julien, et la rose, 3Gs. Chateau Margot et la Fitte. Beune and Macon, of the firat crust, 63 s, per d zen.

Moselle, 42k. Several Cases of Florence Wine, in large Flasks. Aleatico, and Montepulchiano, 48s. Fine London Porter, 7s.

All other Wines, Spirits, tcc. Remittanc, must he sent with orders, 3nd postage paid or not attended toand if the greatest satisfaction is not given, the whole of Suckng and Madeira Park money will be returned. Portugal Grapes, now landing in Jars in the finest condition at reduced prices, Farina and Zanolio's celebrated eau de Cologne, 18,?.

Six Bottles edeh. Armstrong, Ctk. Gale John Taylor. Major, Command- ing the Royal Artillery E. Coxe Clk. Edward Knocker H.

Langly John Maule, Clk. Edward Thompson Edward Boxer H. L Steriker John Worsfold J. Pilcher J.

Pilcher, and Co. Robert Walker and Suckng and Madeira Park H. Watson J. Temple, sen. Morris W. Kingsford George and James Deane J. Gorely James S. Neales W. Horshaill P. Rutley William Horne, Clk. Worsfold Edward Poole W. Clarke's Commentary on the New Psrk, 3 vols, bound and lettered ; Dr.

Watts's Works, 9 vols.

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Smith, 4 vols. The Goods may be viewed on tbe day previous to the sale.

Lately Published by G. Iu 2 Vols. Narrative of an Expedition to the Source of St.

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Peter's River. Lake Winnepeek, Lake of the Woods, Sfc. Long, Major U. Long, Say, Keating, and Colhoun. By William H. In 2 thick vols. By Thomas Pennington, A. In 8vo. Narrative of a Journey to the Temples and Dwellings excavated out ofa Mountain of Granite, and extending upwards of amileand a quarter, at Elora in: With Married women Rochester General Observa- tions Pwrk the People Suckng and Madeira Park Country.

By John B.

Seely, Cap- tain in the Bombay Native Infantry, he. Murray, Col.

By Edward Blaquiere, Esq. Questtfd's 2 0 19 19 0 14 The conditions will be produced at the time of sale, and the above Woods will be sold in small lots for the Mobile friendly dating sites nience of Purchasers; the Woods are marked out, and Stephen Caisterwill show them to persons who may enquire.

Further particulars may be known, by applying at Mr. Buckland, near Dover. Buckland, Suckng and Madeira Park December, Suckng and Madeira Park We remained about three weeks in the waters of Smyrna. During my peregrination about the city, passing the great bazaar, or market, I came unexpectedly upon the bodies of two Greeks, just beheaded, lying before their own doors, with the heads set upon tbe posteriors, by way of derision. By a refinement in cruelty they cut their heads off, with House cleaning aurora il sword, at the door of their dwellings, where the body b exposed, and spit upon by tlie rahble Turks, until a certain hour of the night, when the friends are obliged to buy the right of burying, or the bodies are thrown into the 8ea.

We were received with every demonstration of joy. I accom- panied the Commauder- in- chief, with a number of officers, to visit the authorities; we were shown a mosque altered into a senate chamber, and were entertained in the house, formerly the residence of the Turkish Governor.

This place is very secure ih its fortifications, being almost ano- ther Gibraltar. They have about twelve or fifteen hun- dred men in the garrison, well armed, and partly disci- plined ; but they can make no head against Ibrahim Pacha, who has overran tlie Morea, with about ten thousand troops, disciplined and officered by Frenchmen, who, to Suckng and Madeira Park disgrace of their country wear a turban, aud wield the sword for the suppression of civil and rational liberty. This once brilliant people— this land of " song and story," is now overrun and laid waste, but the Greeks are not yet conquered.

But if I may judge from what I have seen and heard they have no chance of success, unless the " Legi- timates," the Holy Alliance, France leading, will cease to aid the Turks, as they do, snb rosa, Left to themselves the Greeks are more than a match for the Turks, but with- out speedy and powerful aid, they must sink before their secret assailants. We were visited by many of their most distinguished Suckng and Madeira Park, the following are all my memory fur- nishes the names of: Suckng and Madeira Park day is published, in 12mo.

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Part II. Whitaker, Ave- Maria- Lane, London. Thorpe, Great Carlisle- street, Earl- street, Liston grove, builder. Morris, jun. Oxford- street, Chapel- place, Mary- la- bonne, wme- mcrchant. Blomfield, Rose Inn, Suckng and Madeira Park market, innkeeper and warehouseman. Honkins, Tooley- street, Sputhwark, currier and leather seller.

Red path, Deptford, ironmonger. Tower- street, Tower- hill, Dating nz auckland merchant.