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What does bumbleclot mean

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I just happened upon this video today and thought it was absolutely hysterical.

Fire pon Babylon! Hey, thanks for your comment on my blog.

From what I understand, it is Jamaican Patois slang, meaning I thought it was pronounced like "bumble-clot" or even "bumble-clock." EDIT. “I didn't mean to vex out on you. Got some shit I gotta handle that a mutherfucka was supposed to do and didn't. You cool?” He asked as he ran his soft hands. Why do Jamaicans always say bloodclot or bumbaclot in every sentence? Discussion in what does muddaskunt mean? and bloodclot mean?.

It's pretty cool how people kind of converged on it to clarify the lyrics. You should've seen my initial attempt--instead of "bomboclat," I had "bobe-a-clock"!

Definition of bumbleclot in the dictionary. Meaning of bumbleclot. Information and translations of bumbleclot in the most comprehensive. So I did. And now the editor Georgina says she needs to see me in her office first thing tomorrow morning 'Yeah sorry about that Georgina, didn't mean it,' I said. It was like being in Mr Bumbleclot's office at Superchav Academy all over again. its bumbleclot it can be used as a curse word. what the bumblecot? Is true. when you call someone a CUNT do you really mean that silky.

That was quickly corrected, though with an insane amount of variations. Sounds like a cool class you're taking. Thanks for the comment.

Also, way to list Freddie Hubbard in your music. I loved the video and was very impressed the first time I saw it.

Clearly the lonely island boys listen to a ton of Roots Reggae and Ska. It is pretty much the most offensive thing you can say in Iyaric. Nice fill someone in on and this mail helped me mea in my college assignement.

Thanks you on your information. Why do gangsters call cars whips example " nice whip mate" please answers on a postcard Wharm sister. Post a Comment.

So Andy Samberg of Saturday Night Live recently made a music video parodying young white college boys who appropriate Rastafari culture. It's absolutely hilarious, but even more, if you go to this blog What does bumbleclot mean see it you can read the lyrics, and even What does bumbleclot mean importantly, read the comments from the readers who helped the blogger figure out what exactly Andy Samberg was making fun of.

I'm taking a Caribbean poetry class this Fall and for our unit on dub poetry I've done a bit of research on Rastafari.

What does bumbleclot mean

What is most interesting to me is the grammar, using "I" as a plural pronoun. Check out this wikipedia page. What I think is so amazing about this video is the number of allusions in it that only a person very familiar with Rastafari and What does bumbleclot mean culture would get.

However, it makes Delhi dating website want to figure them out look at What does bumbleclot mean the different comments on the guy's blogthus it becomes a kind of educational tool.

It makes us question the validity of appropriating other cultures' dkes without true knowledge of them, but, instead of demonizing the people who do this, it just makes them just look ignorant and therefore laughable. This is really powerful.

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When you realize that this video is primarily intended to make people laugh, it makes you think about what tools are really effective for social change. Satire works. ddoes

Urban Dictionary: bumbleclot

Besides, there's no way I would have even know that the word "bumbleclot" is an insult in Rastafari culture that means dirty dles cloth if it weren't for this video. Thanks to my brother's blog to telling me about this video. Posted by Susanna Williams at PM. Newer Post What does bumbleclot mean Post Home.

bumbleclot – Defining Anything

Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. About Me Susanna Williams I really will try not to be clever.

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