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What drug is horse tranquilizer

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Ketamine, also known by its street name Special K, has legitimate medical uses. The drug is used to relieve pain and as an anesthetic but some people use it as a recreational drug. Ketamine is particularly popular as a ix drug in young adults between 16 to years old.

Abuse of the drug, however, has serious health consequences. Some users, for example, need to have their bladders removed because of heavy use of Ketamine.

Nonetheless, the drug has potentials in treating patients who suffer from depression. In a new study published in the Journal Best of rimming Psychopharmacology Wednesday, a group of researchers injected the hallucinogenic drug to 28 individuals who suffer from major depressive disorder.

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Some of them have been suffering from depression for as long as 20 years. The patients What drug is horse tranquilizer infused up to 80 milligrams of Ketamine over a three-week period and reported their mood symptoms everyday either by text or by mail. The researchers found that Ketamine has helped relieve the condition of drig of the subjects and even made a number of them completely well for several weeks and even months.

trajquilizer In What drug is horse tranquilizer short as three days after the infusion, the researchers observed that the depression score dropped in 29 percent of the subjects by as much as 50 percent.

For some, even a brief experience of response helps them to realise that they can get better and this dtug them hope. The researchers have likewise found that while Ketamine is associated with bladder damage and memory Ads dog free, none of the subjects show any signs of these.

The drug did not also appear to have affected the patients' ability to think clearly. Twenty-nine percent of the subjects said they experienced mental benefits for three weeks while 15 percent reported of improved condition for up to two months before relapsing back into depression.

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