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Who wrote think like a man movie

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This might have worked as a screwball comedy or a satire, but can you believe for a moment in characters naive enough to actually live their lives following Steve Harvey's advice?

The result is a tiresome exercise that circles at great length through various prefabricated stories defined by the advice each couple needs or doesn't need. The cast is superb.

It's depressing to find them locked inside this formula. My favorite is Mya Meagan Goodthin by her own promiscuity, who tries to follow Who wrote think like a man movie book's advice in Who wrote think like a man movie with Zeke Romany Malco. He's a fast-moving ladies' man. She decides he must wait 90 days for sex. This is contrary to both of their natures and builds up such a head of steam, we expect a gasket to blow. Kevin Hart is funny, too, as worte living rebuke to his pals who are studying the book.

He spends most of his time in thinm gentleman's clubs, having minute relationships that all have happy endings, and it's hard to argue he isn't happy. Given that the book advises women about how to Side effects to smoking cannabis men, it's an irony that the actresses are among the most beautiful in Hollywood. Henson and Jenifer Lewis.

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Does it make me a chauvinist if I suggest that finding movei must be the least of their problems? The movie is as appropriate for men-seekers as a diet movie starring thin girls. Box Office Expand the sub-menu. Business Expand the sub-menu.

Hero Nation Expand the sub-menu. Video Expand the sub-menu. More Expand the sub-menu. Follow Us.

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They then take the guys' party bus to the club, forcing the guys to either take a Chippendale-type bus, or walk. They choose the latter. On the bus, the ladies find Jeremy's weed strips and take them, while Lauren gets a call from her boss who officially makes her COO. He tries to win it back at the casino, putting it all Pof dating customer service his "lucky number" While his back turned, Zeke pulls the chips away to leave x one to spare Cedric the loss.

However, the ball does land on 15, and Cedric is angry Who wrote think like a man movie Zeke. Meanwhile, the ladies start to feel the effects of dance clubs, and they end up making an impromptu video to Bell Biv DeVoe 's " Poison ".

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As a last resort, Cedric takes the guys to the club the same one the ladies are at for amateur's night, dressing in various costumes to try and win some money. This, however, turns into a disaster when Michael sees Candace getting a lap dance; he charges to attack the dancer, leading to an all-out fight between Who wrote think like a man movie guys, the ladies, and the dancers.

They are all put in jail for the night. Realizing that the wedding is in a few hours, they all try to call someone for help, but with no luck: Loretta is Who wrote think like a man movie Fucking sex Chattanooga man and woman the night with Eddie in her room; Gail is already shacking up with Drake who appears as himself ; Bennett's mother has gone to pick up his kid.

Jeremy sees the way he talks to his child, and is influenced to become a father.

Who wrote think like a man movie I Am Ready Horny People

The guys blame Cedric for getting them into this mess. Tgink sees the messages on her phone and rushes to bail them out. Everybody rushes to the venue for the wedding, but they are too late, and their spot has been taken; Candace runs away crying, and Michael leaves without a word. Chico ca escort couples decide to resolve their problems, except for Bennett and Tish.

Jeremy decides that he's finally committed to being a father, Who wrote think like a man movie Kristen reveals she might be pregnant though she claims to be a week latebringing the two closer.

Dominic and Lauren admit that they were considered for good jobs, but they each turned them down so they could be together. Zeke explains and apologizes to Mya for everything that's move going on, and finally proposes to her; Mya accepts.

Loretta is unable to find Who wrote think like a man movie and looks for him in Candace's room. She tells Candace maybe it was for the best and that if she really loves her son, she would finish packing and leave him, making Candace more overwhelmed and fed up.

Michael walks in on this and has become fed up with his mother and decides to show tough love and tells his mother that she must apologize to Candace, but she refuses. Michael declares that he will marry Candace whether she likes it or not, and that she will no longer be invited to the wedding.

Candace disagrees with Michael, saying that he needs to apologize to Loretta, because as a mother herself, she would be heartbroken if her own son did not let her go to his wedding. Loretta, recognizing her mistakes, makes the first move and finally apologizes; the three reconcile. Cedric, feeling like a failure as a best man, packs his bags to leave Vegas; however, with the help of his personal butler, Declan Jim Piddockhe finds another venue. Candace and Michael are married, and everybody, including Loretta, cheers and celebrates.

In the end, Cedric becomes fed up Who wrote think like a man movie Vegas, and as the group leaves Belmont Louisiana profile sex Belmont Louisiana hotel, he lets Bennett have his last dollar.